Speculation on Windows Phone 8 Killer Features

We all know how secretive Microsoft have been about WP8.


Personally I think MS are keeping their cards close to their chest so they can produce a 'run' of great features to deliver maximum impact. Here are some of my predictions of what the features are likely to be:

ROOMS - Already leaked.... will allow any Windows user (desktop or phone) to create a group to share stuff and message each other privately. You will be able to invite people on android and iOS phones by either sending them a web link or maybe MS will release an iphone and android app for this feature.

KIDS CORNER - Allows you lock down your phone, pick and select which apps are accessible when giving your phone to your kid to play with.

SKYPE INTEGRATION (with free SKYPE minutes)- As already mentioned a Skype call on your windows phone will look and feel the same as standard voice call. The Skype app will offer video calling too. But I think the real killer feature is that they will offer FREE skype minutes e.g 100 free minutes every month.

GAMES - We already know WP8 offers native code development in Direct X. So I think we will see a slew of major games titles (ones which are on xbox) being ported to WP8. MS will showcase XBOX integration with the phone e.g seamless gaming experience between the phone and XBOX for titles that are available on both platforms. They will also show-off the Smartglass capability too.

NFC Transactions and Payments (with partners) - I think WP8 will be first platform that will lead in actual NFC financial payments and will have backing and support from banks or the likes of Paypal. We will also get some retailers showcasing the capability like digital vouchers.

MUSIC - Xbox music will be revamped allowing you to stream your music collection direct to your phone wherever you are.

NOKIA MAPS - will have access to all Nokia maps with off-line download capability. A good selling point.

CAMERA LENSES - We have already seen some of the lens apps available I think we will see some more added as part of the default

SDK - The SDK will allow you to port a Windows 8 metro app code to WP8 in a few clicks.

MORE APPS - We will see loads of other partners showcasing apps for WP8

Realistic or not? killer features? love to hear your ideas...