Schmidt dismisses Microsoft as a competitor and top 4 ecosystem company

It's laughable that he does not include Microsoft where it both earns more than Google, has more assets and is about to bring the biggest ecosystem out there to market, opting to even include FaceBook instead in his "top 4" list. The timing is interesting too, since the Windows 8 ecosystem is about to be launched and hence it's an obvious troll job. What can I say, it's most amusing to see CEO's troll!

To me this translates to roughly: "I am pooping my pants, because already OEM's are forgetting Android tablets and putting in their best work for Windows 8 tabs and convertibles."

The facts are:

- All major OEM's are now flooding the market with Windows 8 tablets and convertibles and investing the bulk of their efforts into designing those whilst relegating Android to cheaper, less inspired solutions.

- Microsoft services will be tightly married into Windows 8 and yes that means that Google's services, be it maps, Google drive/music and even search will be under-rooted by a native OS level implementation. This will occur on every Windows based Desktop, NoteBook, UltraBook, W8 Convertible, W8 tablet and XBOX and these are far bigger assets than Google's dominant share of the new "smartphone" feature phone market, allowing Google to boast about 1.3 mil activation per day, which of course bring next to no money nor service consuming customers.