Thinking of moving from iOS to WP8...Thoughts?

Hey All,

I'm new here and just wanted to get some feedback in order to help me make a decision on my next phone purchase. Firstly I am not an Apple Fanboy per se. I am tied in to a lot of their products (Macs, iphones, itunes etc) but am not partial to only apple. I genuinely like those products and how they've been able to work for me. That being said, If there is a better product, I have no problem moving in that direction. With the iphone 5, I am not impressed. It's not that it isn't a nice device or a nice evolution for apple. I've owned almost every iteration of the iphone since initial launch, and I truly feel like it's becoming stale, for me anyway. (I'm currently using the 4)

In step WP8 and the Lumia 920. Granted there is still a lot to be revealed, but i've really liked what i've seen so far. I've always liked WP7 and just thought it needed a little seasoning before I can make it my primary device. The things I like about the iphone aside from the sheer number of quality apps, is the ease of use, and the UI in general. It just works. It's why i've always liked apple. Synchronization is easy - I know there are many who hate itunes, and while i don't love it, it still works better for the purpose of syncing than any alternatives i've seen. But WP to me, is just as easy to use, has a great UI, is buttery smooth, and to top it all off...refreshing! What do you guys think? Will I regret ditching iOS for WP? losing certain apps by moving to the wp platform? Most will be there for me but some won't (ie; Flipbook). Obviously, as the platform gains traction which i expect i will, I'm sure it will arrive eventually. But should I have to wait for that to happen while it and other apps are already available on other platforms?

Sorry for the rant. But for the first time in a long time I am SERIOUSLY considering another OS. Android is out - i find it sloppy and will never use it in it's current form. I appreciate any feedback you could give and help point me in the right direction!! Thanks in advance..