Signs there might NOT be a "Nexus program"

Sorry guys, but the Nexus program rumor looks dead.

The mythical "Galaxy Nexus Superior" (GT-i9260) is called the Samsung Galaxy Premier, officially.

The phone codenamed the HTC DLX (HTC Nexus) is rumored to be the HTC Droid Incredible X (they didn't want you to call it the HTC's

Both phones were likely candidates for the Nexus but were rejected by Google. The only phones that have not shown up are the rumored Sony Nexus (which there was never a prototype that was rumored) and the Motorola Nexuses (the occam [phone] and the mantaray [tablet]), both of Motorola's devices were rumors based on server logs, which can be easily faked. (As an aside, I was tempted to fake the same thing with a mythical Nokia device running Android 5.0 - but figured that even that kind of trolling would be too much for me. I know you guys would have hated me if I did it ;))

The other rumored Nexus, the Samsung Nexus 10, is a rumor based on "supply chain information" from DigiTimes (notorious for being completely inaccurate). No such prototypes have shown and this was rumored to be a March 2013 (ish) time release anyways.

So, it looks like the rumored Nexus program is falling away quite fast, sadly. Maybe Google will take the hint and do it next time :/