Kindle Paperwhite gets Euro release (and punches Nook in the UK kisser)

Barnes and Noble must be upset. I mean really upset. About to break into the UK e-reader market, thinking they have a headstart over Amazon with an illuminated device in Europe and then Bezo's Bunch go and announce the Kindle Paperwhite for an October 24 release. Ouch.

Like many things tech related, the USA usually get the jump on us. Well for tech that socially matters like the iPad. Android, as much as I love it, less so. And the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite falls into that category: The Verge went mental over it for example.

So within months of a American release, the UK and the other important countries of Europe get a chance to buy. But what makes the UK so special is those other US imports of the Nook brand, Barnes and Noble are set to reveal their UK consumer game plan this month. Although when is a mystery as every vendor seems to be out of stock (although it is not clear when the Nook e-readers were ever in stock).

The price is also competitive, this time with Amazon matching the Paperwhite with the UK B&N price for the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight at £109. In the UK, we do not have the subsidised advert supported Kindles, and this was a cause for ridicule in the US with the Nook "equivalent" matching the Amazon ad-supported Kindle variant. The Nook cannot stomp along on the same lines in old Blighty (which no doubt has Bezos punching the air like Tom Cruise in Magnolia).

Regardless, it appears that Amazon are not taking any chances and today have released availability in the UK for the Paperwhite at the end of this month. Interesting that the French and Germans get the device at the tail end of November, a full month later than Grande Bretagne. That could not be a coincidence, could it? That means we will be getting our Kindles before the second batch of American customers, as all orders are backed up for 4 to 6 weeks. Wow. The UK must matter.

Not to mention that Europe is also getting the Kindle Lending Library with Prime membership, and an expansion on other offers that the annual subscription programme brings. You never know, they might be throwing in Lovefilm membership before too long.

The best part? My wife's birthday is within days of the release. Thanks Amazon!