Why is Microsoft so hated?

If you take the blinders off, you will actually LISTEN to the arguments and they're compelling.

Microsoft has virtually no NEW products in the last decade that are monster hits. Only the legacy monopolies(Windows, Office, Visual Studio) continue raking in the monster profits. Everything else(Bing, XBox, Zune, Windows Phone, Courier, etc..) gets funded from those legacy profits.

Even XBox remains close to $8 billion in the red and that will never go to black.

Microsoft has paid an enormous price for leveraging monopoly positions in the form of antitrust violations/convictions which have cost it billions in fines and prestige.

Bottom line is many people are offended that instead of innovating like Apple(not necessarily inventing) while only spending a few hundred million, Microsoft spends untold billions to attempt market entry. It's unfair. Of course since Microsoft has mostly FAILED in those en devours it just feeds the haters gloat-machine.

My suggestion is to try to understand the Microsoft-haters instead of just fighting. The haters usually seemed far more informed on the issues then the MSFT shills.