Keyboard Short-Cuts and Window Management on a Mac..?

Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of any particular ecosystem. I'm a fan of beautiful hardware. I'm a fan of useful, intuitive software that allows me to get things done, however complex those 'things' are.

Now that the disclaimer is done with, let me explain the situation.

The Setup

I use a Windows 7 Ultimate PC on Bootcamp on a 17" MacBookPro. I'm a mechanical designe engineer and a lot of what I do keeps me in the Windows world. I do often switch to Mac world and and I would say that the distribution of my time between the two worlds is about 65:35 to Windows.

I have CAD software running on a 24" (1920x1200) monitor and another drafting programme running on the 17"(1920x1200) screen of the Mac. In Windows land, I use keyboard short-cuts and various window management tools because of my multi screen set-up. In Mac land, I use CAN Bus diagnosis and vehicle network testing hardware and software (they connect through the Ethernet port, which the Pros thankfully have, and USB).

The Issue

Simple dialog boxes and pop ups in Windows have a very straight forward option of dismissing/accepting through keyboard input in Windows. You see a blue highlight around the selected button and pressing the Return key or the Spacebar does the job. Tabbing through the different options is as simple as, yes you guessed it, 'tab'bing through them! The Tab key is quite powerful in this case and allows me to jump through the explorer the window's options. And in terms of window management, I have quite a few options using the Windows key and numbers for getting to the particular programme pinned/on the taskbar. A comprehensive list of keyboard short-cuts for Windows 7 is available here.

On the Mac however, I seem to struggle with window management. I understand there are keyboard short-cuts available for the Mac as well but I seem to find the list almost incomplete or maybe lacking in depth that is offered by the guys at Redmond.

The Take-Away

I don't intend to undermine the Mac's capabilities in any way or pass a bouquet to Windows. The Mac was the first to come out with the Graphical User Interface and they made the experience beautiful and brought delight to users where it was all black screens and command line in the DOS era. But I wonder if they've taken things too far the other way?

The dependence of a user on the Mac's trackpad, however great it is to use with multitouch and gesture support off the gate, is quite considerable and I wonder if this can be given another look in the future.I'm sure they're at work to bring more UI paradigms from the iPad to the Mac. Like say, using the trackpad's boundaries and swiping in could bring in some useful functional gestures.

But are they also looking at the people who are not exactly graphic designers, video compositing specialists or are they happy with Cafe hangers out and executives who are sitting in airport lounges pretending to be very important but mostly looking at sales graphs, Wednesday lunch meeting requests and chain emails with pictures of Hooter waitresses?

PS. The screen snippets posted above are from the Mac and Windows support forums and are not obviously complete. Follow the links for Windows and Mac to get the full list which is as long as the grocery list for family of four ethnically diverse American residents who have just returned from a month holiday.