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It's Friday, October 10th and, if you're reading this here at Polygon on The Verge then I salute you from the skies of the English Channel. I'm off on a long weekends break to Ireland to see my father, mother and the rest of them - you see my father turns 66 on Monday, my mother 64 on Saturday. So, as I haven't seen them since April I figured it would be great to home for the celebrations in person.

So here we are, it's almost the weekend, and your Polygon Community bro' asks that you have a great time this weekend - whatever you choose to do. I'll see you all on Monday.



1: 'Retro City Rampage' review: beg, borrow, steal by Chris Plante

Retro City Rampage asks the question: Can man survive on nostalgia alone? It’s a game with more pop culture references than a Family Guy marathon. The first 10-minutes are a thrilling, manic tour of yesteryear, with references nested within references, pulverizing your senses at an unsustainable rate. But nostalgia, as we gamers know especially, is a drug. The first hit's the strongest, and the remainder of Retro City Rampage is spent chasing that original high.


2: 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2' Wii U Edition adds more Nintendo costumes, return of Tekken Ball by Michael McWhertor

The Wii U edition of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will feature a slew of character costumes based on Nintendo fan favorites, including Mario, Link, Samus, and Princess Peach. Adding to the Nintendo-themed wardrobe today are newly confirmed costumes from Captain Falcon from F-Zero, Toad from Super Mario Bros, and Shiek from The Legend of Zelda.


3: Cutting the strings in 'Puppeteer' by Russ Frushtick

But jumping is just part of the forumla. Your head (or lack thereof) can be replaced by other heads found around the level. These heads, like the rest of the game, are odd. For example, you can find one head in the shape of a hamburger. Another was in the shape of a spider.A third in the shape of a banana.

Each of these heads has different abilities, so having the right one at the right time might result in accessing a bonus area. For example, having the spider head equipped caused me to get picked up by a giant spider and pulled into her lair, which happened to be filled with valuable gems.


4: Bringing back the dead: the revival of 'Left 4 Winchester' by Tracey Lien

When the game was put on indefinite hold, all the game's files were kept and put to the side. The team members went to focus on their day jobs, college, families and work duties. Universal never told them they couldn't make their game, but not hearing back from them gave the team a reason to doubt what they were doing. And with the game's map and level designers leaving the project to focus on other things, it seemed like the project was really dead.

That was until Simon Pegg's tweet last week. Not only did it kickstart the original team's enthusiasm for their project, but it renewed their hope and belief that they were onto something good.


5: Meet the animators: The outsiders helping bring video games to life by Tracey Lien

The suburb of Silverwater in Sydney, Australia, is home to a few things: a high-security prison that houses some of the state's most notorious criminals, a children's playground right next door, one of the country's very first Costco supermarkets, and a Krispy Kreme donut shop.

While often ignored by locals who aren't interested in bulk-buying glazed treats, something in Silverwater has caught the eye of some of the biggest game developers in the world.


1: Polynauts Play: Tokyo Jungle! by PaddyStardust

So, I've been teasing this all week, and most of you have clearly already worked out what's coming, so, without further delay, may I present Tokyo Jungle!

It's Shaun and I, trying to survive in the rough, tough land of post apocalyptic Tokyo, with nothing but silly outfits to help us. Will the noble terriers make the grade, or are we just dog food?

2: Polygon Community Feature: The games which beat your personal 'Hype Train' by Shaun McIlroy

A few weeks ago, if you recall I asked the Polygon community a simple question:


Since then we had a number of great responses from our fellow Polynauts, all of which are listed below. The hype train is coming folks, and it's stopping at Kingdom Hearts, Castlevania, Skyrim, LBP2, Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption. - feel free to add more stops in the comments section below about the games you feel are hype-tastic.

3: Why Dishonored is Important by PABastien

But what do I know about games? Intelligence is a matter of dedication, more than anything else. What my useless liberal arts education has awarded me with above all else is command of the English language. I can speak at length and at depth about this but I have goddamn clue as to how to act upon my creative urges with regards to game development. Unlike others. So while I may be the more vocally savvy of this dialogue, there are others that are, by far, the smarter people in these conversations.

So, what do you think about Dishonored?

There are plenty more posts (too many to post at times) from the Polynauts community over the past few days - go check them out here!


Nilay and Dan double team it to bring you todays episode of '90 Seconds on The Verge'.


Me on the phone: Yeah I’m going to be late to work today.

Supervisor: Why?

Me: There’s a cat gang bang happening on top of my car.

Supervisor: (silence)

Supervisor: Well can’t you break it up?

Me: Who am I to break up a cat gang bang? They’ve probably been organizing it for days on Craigslist.

Supervisor: Good point. See you when you get here.

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