Assassin's Creed vs TheSocialJustice Blog

Did you wince a little upon reading "SocialJustice Blog"? You're not alone. And they seem to do exactly what you might imagine - crusade over the internet, finding tiny indignities to cry over.

Recently they found two of the best and most well-known Assassin's Creed cosplayers, Rick and Dominique Boer, a husband and wife team that seems to most often cosplay Conner and Avaline, although Rick has been Altair as well. These people are so dedicated to their craft that they use make up (usually foundation) to darken the color of their skin.

Apparently, this is akin to 'blackfacing'.

"RACISTS!" scream the SocialJustice Blog Templars crusaders, quick to make sure everyone knew that what these two people did, they did to mock the (apparent) plight of the African American people, which is that they can't change the color of their skin.

Really?? I was aware of no such issue. Not only should no one ever be ashamed by the color of their skin, but there had been zero outrage prior to this, and Rick and Dominique have been perfecting their craft for some time.

Unfortunately, the harassment was enough that Rick took down their 'offensive' pictures, posted an apology, and promised to not use make up from now on. I can understand why he did it (they actually made his wife cry, accusing her of mocking black people when she IS half black), but I still wish he hadn't apologized or changed his technique. Neither of them did ANYTHING wrong!

I made a video about the issue, seeing as I have a ton of friends in the youtube AC community, and I wanted to bring it to them doing what I usually do, which is post ACR multiplayer videos. There you can see photos of the two with make up on, read quotes from both sides of the issue, and see the links to all my sources.

ACR - Deathmatch - AC Cosplayers Accused of (Imaginary) Racism (via Kovitlac)

Guys, this isn't just an Assassin's Creed issue by a long shot. This is an attack on cosplay as a whole. People have long since used different methods to temporarily alter the color of their skin. How the hell is this deemed 'racist' activity?? I, for one, am sick of people misunderstanding the word 'racism', and attributing it to anything they feel people SHOULD be offended over. JUST STOP. You've already caused enough damage.

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Here are the links I posted in my video's description.
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