LG Nexus - Forget your brand bias and look here...

If it is based on the Optimus G, (which all evidence points to the fact that it is, then everyone should be really stoked. Here is a collection of review of the Optimus G:

<blockquote><strong>PC Advisor</strong><em> - 12 October 12</em>

The LG Optimus G may well be the fastest smartphone with the most brilliant display available in the coming months


<blockquote><strong>Phone Arena</strong><em> - 18 Sep 12</em>

If LG has managed to finally escape the stigmata of subpar cameras and wimpy loudspeakers of its flagship handsets with the Optimus G, it has every chance to turn what is already the best-spec'd Android phone on paper, into a truly formidable device that others, including Samsung, will have to look up to this holiday season.


<blockquote><strong>CNET</strong><em> - 18 September 12</em>

The LG Optimus G packs some impressive specs beneath a high-definition 4.7-inch screen. It looks set to take on smart phone big boys like the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, and on paper at least, it might have a shot.


<blockquote><strong>Computer World</strong><em> - 11 October 12</em>

The 4.7-in. display, at a resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, provides vivid colors with what LG calls true HD IPS (In-Plane Switching) Plus and Zerogap Touch technologies. According to LG, Zerogap eliminates the gap between the glass and the LCD panel to add clarity to the display. And this showed up in my quick tryout while I was looking at images and videos -- I have to admit, the screen quality was truly impressive.