What is in YOUR bag!? Verge Forumers edition!


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I couldn't find a similar thread so I started my own! I always enjoy reading those articles and thought what do we, the readers carry?

My product motto is practicality, durability and a good price, I like well built, solid products that do their job well!

Currently settled in a overseas trip so everything here is meant to be carried across many countries and also not be overly expensive so it wouldn't hurt as much to replace it, I cycle a lot so my stuff can handle the weather and be easy on my back. I do photography as a hobby and I like black/minimalism unless I find a product that really stands out nicely in colour like the Lumia 920 (waiting to see how Win Phone 8 pans out)


It's a Quiksilver camping/hiking backpack I think 30L. got it from T.K Maxx for a third of its retail price

Very comfortable, the waist/chest straps have come in handy for carrying heavy stuff (like groceries) and I can fit more than I expect easily and it expands logically, it also has a skateboard clip and other loops to attach things

It holds all that is in the photo with room to spare for a jumper! although I don't have my camera in there simply because I am constantly going in and out of that bag (which is why the strap is attached)

Camera Bag

It's a Lowepro that I got in Australia, a bit too bulky for my liking but I am very clumsy (everything I buy goes through a drop test!) so the padding has come in handy many times and it's held up in rain.


Samsung NC110, bought it for the keyboard and matte screen. It's been so reliable, say what you want about Atom it's really done a great job for me and the battery lasts a long time, Samsung have definitely done well with this product. I do a lot of blogging and I of course typed all this out on it :D

It also runs dota! so that helps for some lightweight gaming.

It's solidly built and weighs 1.3kg which suits me. I always wait until 3rd gen products before I start considering upgrading so I won't be upgrading for some time, tech gear usually lasts me 3-4 years

Got it on special (why would anyone buy at RRP?!)

FYI specs:

  • Intel Atom N570
  • 2gb Ram (I upgraded)
  • 250gb HDD

In a year of rough travelling it's only been repaired once through warranty (keyboard started to severely malfunction)


A black book from some store! I find most designs quite crap and I love minimalism/black


LG E900 Windows Phone 7!!

Again, solid build but average camera and battery life, it was given to me by a friend! I wouldn't have bought it otherwise due to my 3rd gen rule

Despite it's drawbacks it's been good to me and it's always on me, dropped it many times and never a scratch! I really like WP7


Plain black wallet, fat enough to fit all my stuff yet small enough to fit in pockets!


Phone cable and earphones, I normally have a bike pump and multi-tool in there but I simply forgot them today.


Canon 550D + Sigma 17-70mm & Canon 50mm 1.4

Two years with this bastard, it also has served me well and got it cheaply online, the battery lasts me literally weeks, and the limitations are annoying but it's been a truly great camera.
But will be my last DSLR simply because it's too chunky and I like the direction that Sony is going with it's RX1/100 and NEX-6.

I was considering of photographing each object alone but I couldn't be arsed.