Blatant trademark infringement in Windows 8 (and Windows Phone) Store

I was really hoping that the blatant infringement and ripoff stuff wouldn't happen in Windows 8. It's been a huge problem for Windows Phone. If you search for "CNN" on WP7, for example, there are 28 apps that show up with the CNN name and/or direct usage of the CNN logo. Only two of those are official CNN apps (both the same app, but one published by CNN, and one published by Nokia.) The same goes for a large number of popular sites, such as ESPN, Flickr, Youtube, etc.* Most of these are just RSS readers that pull the site's content and display it in their own application.

As I said, I had hoped that this wouldn't be the case in Windows 8, that it would be curated by paying a little more attention to this garbage stuff that just clutters up the Store. Unfortunately, it's just as bad. There's an unofficial Flickr app, released yesterday, that someone clearly just saved the Flickr logo from the internet and used it as their app logo. Or for Youtube. I'd have to imagine that Google isn't too happy about someone using this as the logo for their unofficial app.


Or even for The Verge. There's something like 9 Windows 8 apps for The Verge (and an equally ridiculous amount of XKCD viewers) that all just are the RSS feed for another hub.

It's really just pretty ridiculous. I mean, I know app number matters quite a bit in advertising a platform's success, but I would think that blatantly infringing on site trademarks would be frowned upon by the people who are actually approving apps. So why does Microsoft still let them through?

*I have no problem with third-party clients for major services, but when someone is directly using the service's name and logo, it's pretty clear that the intention is to mislead.