Dual-booting WP8/Android devices?...

As much as I'm loving the WP OS, I'm not entirely ready to give up the Android ecosystem. The solution to this is obvious: dual-booting WP/Android sets. Obviously I don't expect this out of the box, but what possibility do you guys see for a device, such as the Samsung ATIV S (which as far as I'm concerned is exactly like the GS3, only it has WP8 instead of Android) being able to at some point dual-boot WP/Android? If the bootloader is unlocked, is this something that is likely to be done eventually by someone over at XDA?

The Lumia 920 was for sure going to be my next home. Was. That is, until they announced it would be exclusive to ATT. And as much as I want the Lumia 920 I am not switching over to ATT for. And so far that's the only phone I was willing to switch over entirely to WP for. The HTC 8X is just not enough to lure me into foregoing Android entirely. Which leaves me with the Samsung ATIV S, and if it's possible to dual-boot I will definitely get it.

What do you guys think are the chances of dual-booting WP/Android?