Should I buy a Windows 8 Surface tablet?

Ok, let me get this out of the way.

I'm an Android guy been one forever I love Android.
I have owned a dozen Android devices or more. Android is my preferred operating system for mobile.

But I am also a fanboy or any-kind android or otherwise. I had an Iphone 3gs and a 4 as well as a 1st Gen Ipad before I got tired of IOS.

I am not a huge Apple fan, I hate IOS but I refuse to use anything but a Mac for my business and personal computers.

Until recently I hated all things Microsoft because of a decade of fighting with their horrible software, but these days they seem to have turned a new leaf. I recently moved from GMail to Outlook and I am very pleased.
And I think an RTSurface tablet could be really awesome.

Now, I REALLY like the MS Surface and it's build qualitly is the main reason I'm considering it.

I have wanted an Android tablet that can rival the Ipad since the first gen ipad and I've owned an original Galaxy Tab as well as the Tab 7.7 as well as an origional Motorolla Xoom. Nexus 7 is awesome but I want something bigger. A Highe-end nexus device from Motorola is my dream.

So, when it comes out I think the Surface will be the only real contender to the Ipad in the tablet market as far as OS and build quality.

What do you guys think?