Racism addresed, and LGBTQIA taken in stride; Which games do this?


So, I was thinking this over and wondered which games include these elements? The only game I can think of is Valkyria Chronicles.

In VC there are the Darcsens-- an entire race of people who are looked down upon, hated, and actively shunned away and used for slave labor for various plot related reasons. By the time the game starts we are in a slightly more progressive era where there are lots of tolerant people willing to help and befriend Darcsens but there is still plenty of lingering hate as well as pockets of ongoing abuse of human rights. I'm not going to try and over sell this angle because VC isn't really a dark game (as you can probably tell from the art style) but nonetheless this racism is a deliberate plot element used to craft the flavor of wartime Galia (the nation this game takes place in)

Adding to the progressive era feeling is the fact that many of the recruits in the militia squad that you command appear to be queer. This is never really talked about in the game and just seems like an oh-by-the-way type of thing. We have the outright gay, possibly transgendered Jann Walker who is infatuated with beef cake Largo, the lesbian Dallas Wyatt who is head over heels for leading lady Alicia, and the bisexual Ted Ustinov who while obviously enjoying the company of both men and women soldiers, isn't actually smitten with anyone and is defined more greatly by his passion for comedy and the limelight. There are more that span several games.

Each squad member has a distinct personality that impacts their play style. Because of this no two units are the same even when they are the same class of solider. Some characters will overspend ammo in a nervous fit while others relish the opportunity to set foot on the stage of combat even going as far as to stash extra ammo for an increased kill count. It is through these personalities that we get a glimpse of Galia's Sociopolitical situation. Some soldiers intensely hate imperials (the invading force) while others are indifferent about country origin. As a result haters have stat bonuses or penalties when close to imperials depending on if they get fired up or nervous and the intensity of their feelings.

Predictably, racism and gender play a part in forming a soldier's personality which in turn informs their preferred play style. A Darcsen hater won't do well with a Darcsen squad-mate and as a result will incur penalties when crossing paths with one which may foil your strategy without sufficient foresight. Meanwhile sending out Largo and Jann as a two man wrecking team will pretty much ruin the imperial army's day as they tag-team to demolish tanks left and right.

Valkyria Chronicles incorporates these hot topic issues very tactfully. You never feel like they are beating a moral into you nor is anything insulting, coddling, or distasteful. These issues just exist and it is your job as squad commander to balance these facts of life to turn your rag tag team into a functioning instrument of war while remembering that your squad is made up of real people with real personalities and that they aren't just faceless goons following orders to their demise. What other games do this or similar?