Using the white iPhone 5 in marketing materials is "against the rules"

This is sort of interesting; apparently the black iPhone 5 is Apple's "hero" device.

Geoff Teehan of Teehan + Lax, the Toronto based user experience/design firm, creates these wonderful (and free) iOS GUI templates for Photoshop. When announcing the new iOS/iPhone 5 template, I noticed there was no white iPhone 5. Not a big deal, but it's the model I prefer.

The following conversation ensued:

will you do a white iPhone 5 one as well?

black only. Apple actually doesn’t want people using the white one. I try not to poke the bear.

The white one is reserved for the 5S... I see!

ha. I literally talk to someone at apple that said please don’t use a white phone in marketing materials.It’s against rules

There you have it. I actually think I was right. The 4S was featured much more prominently in white than the 4. I think the same will be true of the 5.

Conspiracy theories, anyone?