LIFE PRO TIP: Audiobooks are Amazing + Book Suggestion: Ender's Game.

I am new to Scifi really less than two years or so I started to get into it. I started watching Stargate then went on to StarTrek which was much better than I ever expected it to be. Then I took a break from it and recently I decided I wanted to watch some Stargate again and I fired up my old external HD to find all my files were gone. The space is still allocated but no files to be found all my sci-fi was lost.

Anyhow, not trying to babble on, but I have a stupid slow internet connection right now so downloading anything large like a 10 year series is impossible so I decided to take up reading again. (In my youth I used to read 5 books a week not a joke ) Only, I found myself too distracted to actually get any reading done. A lot of guys on /r/scifi on reddit suggested reading "Enders Game" and it makes the top of every single list of Sci-fi book list ever so I decided to give it a shot. I found the audio book on TPB and I loaded it up onto my mobile.

Wow, how awesome. I just loaded up the audio book and tuned the world out. Kids were smashing things, wife was talking I didn't care I was so deep into this book its sick I forgot about TV and when im doing mundane stuff online like photoshopping a bunch of stuff for my website it makes the day fly.

What an awesome piece of literature. And the audio book makes it so much better you get the entertainment value of watching a Film without all the Holywood bullshit and without the compromise.

I am sure everyone here knows about audio books, but I think it's such an under-rated technology that I myself never really gave a second thought too until recently.

So my Life Tip is: Get that book you been wanting to read forever in audio book format, if your pirate friendly you can find a lot on TPB or usenet if your like me and pirate but pay for stuff you love afterwards buy the audiobook on Amazon there pretty cheap.

Enders Game! Even if you don't love Scifi... Read it, trust me you will thank me.