About the leaked LG Nexus specs

I'm calling bullshit here.

This phone can't be powered by a Qualcomm S4 Pro. By checking a few leaked benchmarks, the phone scores lower in Quadrant than the HTC One X with Tegra 3 (http://content.onliner.by/news/2012/10/default/7ba71836097b4f42fbfdd8ea47cf4961.png) and also, in AnTuTu, it scores on par with the first Samsung Galaxy Note and just a bit higher than the LG Optimus 2X (http://content.onliner.by/news/2012/10/default/626615a0ac59bc94efad0e8a4c9319b9.png).

Even if some may say it's an unfinished product, it's horribly low knowing that the S4 Pro is massively powerful chip. These are some benchmarks coming from the Qualcomm S4 Pro developer tablet, let's start with Quadrant (http://cdn.androidcommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/P1090828.jpg) and then AnTuTu (http://cdn.androidcommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/P1090831.jpg)

There is clearly something wrong with this phone.