Is Google getting TOO cocky for it's own good?

The Wall Street Journal said this about Google and summed it up in a simple sentence which I agree with them 100%, Google is amazing in certain markets, Maps, Search and Android.

Google jumped in the smart phone market in the right amount of time (Because Eric Schmidt was on Apple board and copied Jobs) but since Google did that, They actually made a decent operating system that is slowly making it a good cheap option from getting a iPhone. And their Maps are outstanding, They been working on maps for around a decade and did almost a perfect job, no one even matches the Google Maps.

But the point I am making is companies like Google trying to get in to almost every single tech market out there. Wall Street Journal said " Google is trying to get in to every market there is in technology, but the things that they are wonderful at is search, phones and maps, And the other markets they are in they are falling and lacking way behind, this is a start of a down fall of a great company".

Wall Street Journal couldn't of said that better and I agree with them 100%. Companies like Google or Apple should only stay in the markets they are great and amazing at, Like Apple I own a iPhone 5 and I am glad Apple wants to do things on their own but maps is not a market Apple should try and wedge themselves in. I think Apple should of let Google and other third party developers create a awesome maps app.

Do you guys think Google is in a downfall since they are trying to even compete with FaceBook? I think google should drawl the line there.