If Apple were the dominant search engine on the web

With the recent reporting from the The New York Times that a FTC report will recommend suing Google for antitrust violations I started to wonder how the search would be if some of the other tech companies were the dominant search engine on the web.

Personally, as a heavy Google and Android user I think that Google is doing a very good job with search, but much can be improved. Some examples are the recent complains that Google shows less organic search result on a page now than they did a couple of years ago and that the page is more cluttered nowadays. I also think that the are some claims to the allegations that Google is promoting their own content.

Here is a screen shot which illustrates much of the criticism


via s3-ec.buzzfed.com

But in my opinion search is also one of the hardest problems in technology both from a computer science point of view and an editorial standpoint. To illustrate this, here is an excerpt from a quality search meeting, which Google put out.

So how do you think searching would be if Apple were dominant? How would the search experience be? How would the rankings differ? Would they sell ads in a different way? How would they deal with removal of pages from the search ranking? Would they treat publishers and Hollywood in a different way than Google?

Please share your thoughts, and try to keep a civilized discussion.