Alternative Messaging on Android

Android gives users choice & customization, but sometimes Less is Best

Messaging on Android is a very personal activity. Unlike other OS's we have an option to use more than one messaging client. Also-because Android OS has more than one OEM, some devices come with a OEM experience messaging client. Leaving one device and moving to a completely new device with a different OEM can leave you missing your past messaging experience, or you may find yourself happily falling in love with your new SMS Client.

Luckily for us there are a good number of SMS clients that we can use to replace the stock messengers on our devices. Here are the Alternatives;

Go SMS Pro

Stock Jelly Bean SMS

Handcent (Also Available on iOS)


And a few others. I however recommend "Stock Jelly Bean SMS" - As much as I love Go SMS it's not fast enough and the UI could use a little cleaning. Also Go SMS's apart of Go Launcher with ties into all the Go Dev services, so you have two extra screens which practically scream at you to use more Go services.

Stock Jelly Bean SMS is just clean and simple

Google has it right with the stock SMS experience, although it too happens to be missing a few features. I often wish they would give us the option to use the dark Holo theme in the SMS client, for that matter ALL THEIR APPS. Also I wish that Google Talk was integrated and also "Messenger" from Google +. All services, one place. Not split up the way BB10 does it, but under each persons conversation would be all the other conversations you were having with them from your desktop if you were using Google Talk or G+.


Handcent to this day still remains a total complete mess just like Chomp SMS. I also found the experience with the messaging client that Samsung provides on it's GS3 is laggy. HTC provides a nice messaging experience, once again clean and simple, however not integrated into Sense, where you could have the ability to reply anywhere.

This is where Go SMS Pro comes back into play, allowing not only themes and a private inbox, but also the ability to have a message pop up window customized to your liking, where you can reply from anywhere even the lock screen.

SO! With that being said I still recommend the Stock Experience for SMS over all others. If there are any other SMS clients please feel free to chime in.