Where are all the Windows RT laptops?

When Microsoft announced that there was a version of the new operating System that worked on ARM based chipsets ,i was ecstatic, we would finally get cheap, relatively powerful laptops, that were thin and lasted longer than the POS netbooks we all used to own, but Since Windows RT (formerly WOA) has been announced, we have seen a bevvy of Windows RT tablets and "convertibles", but to my knowledge no actual Laptops running on ARM chipsets? , and is confuses me why, because, imagine if you had a Zenbook Prime UX21A , running on a Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro , or a Samsung Series 9 (with the 2560x1600 screen ;) ) running on a Dual core Exynos 5 Dual (formerly Exynos 5250, AKA their first Cortex A15 chipset, and the first FULL cortex A15 chip) they could possibly be even thinner than they are now, without the need for fans and vents, room for bigger batteries, and they would be more battery efficient. initially they'd be a bit more expensive than we'd like because of the new chipset, but in time the price would come down to stupidly low prices and would be a seriously viable student alternative to the traditional Wintel laptop or iPad and keyboard combo, i mean university students only really need 2 maybe 3 apps on a laptop, a Web browser, a word processor and possibly a media player, the metro interface on RT does all this perfectly, the new version of skype for Win 8 and hopefully RT with metro style support looks awesome and would let them skype their parents, ARM laptops would be the ultimate Student machine and im pretty sure they could even take back some market share from tablets.

I personally cannot wait until we see some proper ARM based Laptops, half for the the fact it would be a great machine, fast,thin,light,"cheap" , who would want that? also i secondly kinda want it for the novelty to say i have an intel Phone and an ARM laptop, because, im bauss like that ;)

So what do you guys think? if you're a student (like me) would you consider an ARM laptop, or if you're a parent, would you consider one for a child? or even yourself as a travel machine? sound of in the comments bellow , but obviously keep it civil.

As i said on twitter earlier today, if the price is right i think i would sell my 64GB PlayBook for a Surface RT with a Touch Cover , purely for the convenience at college.