Any rumors on XBOX Music having something like iTunes Match?

This is kind of a deal breaker for me, I am giving some thought to forgoing my iPhone 5 upgrade and getting a Nokia 920 instead as I'm just not that impressed with the 5. (But that's another thread for another forum)

One thing I really enjoy about iTunes is the Match service, I have a large music collection (about 40GB) that I use my iPhone to access all the time, in the car, at work, excersersing, etc... and I love not having to keep all that music locally (instead of making me have to buy a 64GB) but still having access to it through Match instead, so a simple 16GB is even enough.

With the 920 coming in 32GB that still won't be enough to host my library locally on the phone so I MS will have a iTunes Match like service with the new XBOX Music. Any rumors to this?

Also, will there be a Siri like assistant in WP8? TellMe is just voice to text last time I saw it, I like being able to use Siri to set an alarm, reminders, calander entries, use it hands free to dial and read/dictate texts while driving, etc.. Anything happening on that front?