Let the crazy things fall

I am kind of clueless about Windows 8 and the hardware that will accompany it. In the past, I could tell that new Windows will be more beautiful, easier to use, faster, etc. But let`s be honest it was mainly because the hardware was much more powerful. There is no better way to make everything faster than with new hardware. Let`s say that if you are running Chrome 20 on a machine from 7 years ago, when you get the latest hardware you will feel like you are running Chrome 40. That was a really nice trick from Microsoft and its partners -- making the OS looks vastly superior because of the hardware. Why? People don`t care about the weird name of the processor or the RAM number. And people believe it`s OS that its making miracles. OK, this is my short story of how Microsoft and its partners run the PC business; heck, even Apple does the same thing every year updating the hardware.

Now let`s get to my point. I am still trying to figure out what PC to buy when Windows 8 launches. What I`ve seen so far: a 20 inch Sony desktop that looks like a giant tablet for 999-- no thanks, an Acer laptop with two screens, the normal one and the back of the screen is now a screen, too. They say this computer is meant for two people, but I don`t think that I am going to buy that thing either. I`ve seen other crazy computers too, but these seem to be the ones that people will be attracted to. I`ve discarded non-touch computers because Windows 8 was made to be touched. However I`ve not seen anything worth buying just crazy prototypes that get discarded by the manufacturer after a short time in the market.

Perhaps, I should stick to Windows 7 for a couple of more years if these computers are signs of the disasters that Windows 8 could bring. I am very confused about this operating system and everything else. Please help me out. So perhaps you could post some of the craziest computers that will accompany Windows 8. My budget is from 1500 to 2000. Don`t recommend Macs, I had a 13 inch 2011 Macbook Air and didn`t like it.