Update: $600 Asus Vivo Tab Removed From New Egg

Maybe Windows RT doesn't cost so much really. I tried following the link on engadget and it gave me this. "We apologize for the inconvenience, but the item you are looking for has been deactivated. Here are some similar products that you may wish to consider:" It worked yesterday. Maybe Asus asked them to take it down because they were charging extra. Remember Lenovo said Windows RT will cost 300-400 less than Windows 8 Tablets? Given that the ThinkPad 2 costs $650. A Lenovo Tab with NVidia might cost Around $350-400. Moreover the ThinkPad Tablet is 64GB, 3G, Digitizer supported! Similarly, given that they use the same hardware as several Android slates (so lower res screen but Microsoft's high licensing fee) I don't think they will be that high! What I am guessing is that they are holding off until the iPad mini is announced and then they will show how much better an alternative Windows RT is (I can dream, can't I?)