Just realized what a horrible name HTC One X+ is

Just saw an AT&T commercial advertising the HTC One X. It featured an older couple playing back videos of their daughter on the phone. So then it struck me, is AT&T expecting, these older people they are trying to appeal to, to walk into an an AT&T store and remember the name "HTC1X"? You can walk into an AT&T store and ask for an iPhone or a Galaxy and they will know what you want. But can you walk in and ask for a One. HTC does not have a recognizable brand because they let the carriers diminish their brand by allowing them to rename their phones to Evo, myTouch and Droid.

It's clear why the carriers want to rebrand the phones. Kind of brings up a question as to why they let Samsung get away with not having to rebrand their phones. Last year, Samsung was able to retain the name Galaxy 2 on both AT&T and T-mobile. I bet they battled Sprint before compromising on the "Samsung Galaxy S II Evo 4G" or whatever it was. But not so on Verizon. Samsung had to be willing to take "no" from Verizon and lose the opportunity to sell Galaxy S2 phones on Verizon. But this is Samsung we are talking about. They were easily able put out alternative like models like the "Droid Charge" and "Galaxy Nexus". Samsung did not lose out, but Verizon may have as they lost out on sales of the popular Galaxy S 2. Of course, this year all the carrier came around, and were not able to rebrand the Galaxy S3. The carriers bowed down to Samsung just like do with Apple.

So there you go HTC, get rid of the terrible "One" brand and get a real name. Also, you have to be willing to tell Verizon, "fuck you". First easily done, second probably not so easy.