How did you choose names for your XCOM soldiers?


It's taken about 20 hours but I finally suffered my first casualty in the fight against alien invaders who remain remarkably resistant to my efforts to resolve our differences over a hot cup of cocoa. You will be missed, Capt. Thom "Bard" Merrilin.

As you might have guessed, I've named my troops after Wheel of Time characters. I've tried to align personalities with the appropriate soldierly profession so Capt. Elayne "Princess" Trakand is a Support unit while Capt. Aviendha "Spear" Taardad is a rocket-toting Heavy.

The system has worked out well because I've been heavily invested in the series -- my heart almost stopped each time Assault trooper Rand "Dragon" al'Thor limped off the battlefield with a lone hit point remaining -- but the tendency for XCOM to hire male troopers has forced me to dig into the Asha'man's ranks rather than tap the better-known Aes Sedai.

How did everyone else choose their naming schemes? I contemplated using the names of friends and family, but the thought was just too grim.

And if you're wondering why it's taken me so long to lose a soldier, the answer is yes I'm a pansy and playing through the "Normal" difficult setting. I'll redo it on "Classic" the next time through, promise.