iPad Mini, more of the same?

So, I'm on the lookout for a 7ish inch Windows 8 tablet (not looking likely at this point), so when I heard that there was going to be an iPad Mini near that size, I got interested. Apple will put together a nice device, they always do. I thought it was kind of a shame that Microsoft and the OEM's were missing out on this segment. It seemed like Apple was gonna run away with the smaller tablet market before MS or the OEMs could do anything about it.

Then I realized, an iPad mini really serves almost no purpose. Sure, the Apple-faithful will all make their purchase, but 7 inches is really too small for most applications, and people enjoy the larger, 10 inch screen on the iPad. It's still iOS, so it's not going to be any more capable than the iPhone or iPad.

Anyone else consider the iPad mini to fill the 7 inch Windows 8 tablet gap? Biggest deterrent for me was iOS. Using an iPhone for the last 3 months really opened my eyes to how poor the experience is, and that's ultimately what killed the idea.