PAD-FONE FORM FACTOR: the future of computing.

I was looking at the new padfone device posted on the verge and it dawned on me why would I not buy this product.

Because in principal and in its presentation it makes sense quite a lot of sense to be honest, I would almost go as far as to say perfect sense if done properly.

The limitations of the padfone are:

1, The phone it's self has to be good I.e. running a solid OS. to be honest I'm not convinced by android to perform as a hybrid phone- tablet transition. so the OS has to be good enough as a phone AND good enough to run on a tablet.

2. the specs, the specs of the phone have to be seriously powerful. Something i do not think the padfone's phone has of yet. The possibility of serious specs is not too farfetched to consider for the future though. to match that of a tablet.

3. Ultimately the transition from phone to the "dock" is pretty much just a bigger screen size, It is ultimately the same as apple putting a dock for the phone for the ipad, when it comes down to it it is just a bigger screen for the phone.

why this is the future:

So walk with me on this one. imagine a phone which works a a phone effectively same as any android phone/iphone/ wp8 phone. it does the job of the smart phone perfectly.

Then you dock it and its a tablet / hybrid PC, does what you want a tablet to do. browse the web, have a bigger screen, watch films and take were you want, standard tablet .

Then you attach the phone+"tablet" dock onto a laptop keyboard. You then have a a full PC to get shit done write essays, do power-points and watch whatever you want

You then have the prefect device, its epic. it combines everything.

The most important thing is The OS. and its pretty near there already, the best OS i can think of is the windows 8/ windows phone platform because this brings together . full pc as well as a phone and a tablet.

Imagine windows 9 for instance is just one OS which runs on a phone it does everything a windows 8 does but is also a phone, then you dock it to the screen and its essentially a windows 8 RT tablet, then you put it into the laptop keyboard and its a windows 8 laptop essentially all from a phone perfect imagine.

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The specs are near there already in phone and certainly heading in that direction. there are dual core phones already, there are 1GB RAM phones 1Ghz+ phones so they are not far off computers of old. give it a few years and they'll be as good a laptops and be able to handle such software.

imagine a SURFACE PAD PHONE!!!!!!!