The allure of amazon.

Around 2 months ago i purchased the nexus 7. The price was justifiable, and felt that the product fit for exactly what i wanted it for, a consumption device and school book reader. It has done just that, i downloaded my organic chemistry book for free and use it every day, i bought many TV shows like Breaking Bad, Falling Skies, and the Walking Dead. I have bought many magazines, books, and games. Everything has been great about this device. I love the operating system, its smooth and "buttery" the portability is awesome, and feels great in the hand, there are hardly any knocks. BUUUUT, after a few months of consumption i feel like i have bought or downloaded everything that fits my preference in the play store. When i scroll through the choices of TV shows, I've bought the ones i like already, iv'e subscribed to or at least sampled most of the magazines that attract me. I have downloaded around 12 games that i really enjoy but after that the ones i see are meh, besides my music and movie(to expensive) collection i feel like i maxed out my preferred choices in the play store, and because of this i always find my self on amazon. Last night my girl friend and i wanted to watch season 2 of Wilfred. I checked the play store to see if they have it, they didn't, so i had to go to amazon and download it. I feel like i have been doing this more and more, and because of it i find my self using my nexus less when i comes to tv shows and movie rentals. It kinda bums me out, because i love using my nexus, and i love jelly bean, but i'm starting to feel the shallow ness of the play sore which is a big part of the experience. I know i won't enjoy the physical qualities and software qualities of a kindle device like i enjoy my nexus, but it almost seems worth it to have so much content available to me. What do you guys think? do you think the Google play store will ever catch up to amazon? do you think it would be worth it then getting a kindle device? where do you see Google in the next year or so in how it will compete with the apple store and amazon?