What's your mobile device legacy? What device started you down the road to using Android?

My own:

1. A couple of unmemorable Nokia candy bar style phones. (This lasted two years or so.)

2. Nokia N Gage QD. Awesome phone at the time. Many people loved to have a look at it since it was sorta different from what they were used to.

3. Motorola Razr. Nuff' said.

4. LG Rhythm. Horrible....so horrible....

5. Blackberry Pearl. Very short lived. Meet its end to a sink full of fresh dishwater. Damn you Joy and your amazing cleansing ability!!!

6. Samsung Delve. Resistive touchscreen. Stylus. Cheap build. I cried having to use this crap.

-------- AND THEN-------

I discovered Android.....

7. Motorola Devour. Was amazed at first....until I started to do research and realized that I should've gotten the OG Droid.

8. Motorola Droid 2. Was amazed at first....until I did even more research and realized I should've gotten the Droid X.

9. Motorola Droid Bionic. Was amazed at first...until I realized that Verizon and Motorola were actually the spawn of Satan and were gonna shaft it's consumers with the release of the Droid Razr a month later.


10. Galaxy Nexus. Verizon finally revived my faith in all things mobile by giving us a stock Google device.( this was also my first introduction to personally rooting my device following the update fiasco.)

11. iPhone 4S. These were dark days indeed. I always had a feeling that the screen being so small would be a problem. In short....it was.

12. iPhone 5. A bigger screen finally! Too bad my own device was slightly flawed so it had to be returned.

Which brings us to today.

I'm still using my GN, waiting for either more iPhones to come in stock, the rumored HTC Incredible X, or another Nexus. Hopefully one that has LTE, 32GB of storage and avaialble on Verizon.

So....what's your rundown???