Should we expect to see *official* Surface pricing next week?

So this coming Monday is the 15th. We know the Surface will be commercially available the night of the 25th, with a launch announcement/party.

However, my question is, are they really waiting until that night to reveal the pricing for it? I mean, they are giving everyone the opportunity to go out and buy the thing. Isn't it a good idea to tell those potential buyers how much it's going to cost, possibly allow them to pre-order, and get psyched about their (personally confirmed, because of pricing information) upcoming purchase.

This is one of the biggest product launches of MS' life span, and they really, really, really need it to be successful. I can't understand the rationality of keeping the pricing a secret until the day its available.

If we don't get any thing by the end of next week, I think we can all safely bet nothing will come from MS' mouth until the night of the 25th. If the Surface RT is anything over $399, I could end up browsing for a used or refurb iPad. And that I never thought I would say.