No wonder Microsoft made the Surface

I think the surface was Microsofts B plan all along. But Microsoft also sent people out to help OEMs with there tablets, so Microsoft saw what the tablets were going to look like and most likely the predicted cost. Microsoft obviously didnt like what they saw with either of those things, price or hardware. The hardware is good, but its just that, good. Theres no eye popping feature, non of them look absolutely amazing. And as weve seen in the prices are outragous. I havent seen one tablet at the $500 range except for the Acer Iconia 500. Every other god damn tablet is above that price point. I havent seen any android tablet go above $500.

And dont say, "oh but it comes with a keyboard atachment." False, it doesnt, the keyboard attachment for all these devices is going to cost $150-$200. Thats right.

Once Microsoft saw this they probably said Holy shit, Holy shit, these OEMs are going to kill us. Non of them have had inspireing hardware for years and now there demanding a premium for their product.

Now lets talk about the surface hardware. It has a built in kickstand, very impressive. It has been coated with Vapor mg, which is a water proof thin layer that makes it easier and more comftorable to hold. It is 9.7mm thick, 676grams and a 10.6" screen (non of those features are impressive but its not like they sacrificed the size, or weight of device for cool features). The screen is optically bonded meaning there is no air between the touchscreen and display. And maybe the most inspireing thing is the type cover.

If the surface costs $600 for the 32gb, I will go into shock. At most I believe it will be $500 and it will come with the Keyboard. At the minimum $400 without the keyboard, with the keyboard costing $50. Microsoft better make a bunch of these things because, if the 32gb version hits the $500 range with the keyboard it will be the only one anyone gets. And if it hits the $600 price point... lets not think about what will happen.