One very interesting fact a lot of people seem to ignore when assessing Windows 8/RT tablets against their iOS/Android counterparts

This goes more for Windows 8 at the moment, but still.

Most people are posing questions such as what advantages does a Window 8 tablet provide over an iPad/Android tablet and vice versa and why would they buy one over the other, so comparing tablets to tablets whilst ignoring the fact that Windows 8 tablets and convertibles are not just competing for your tablet money! The biggest trick Microsoft ever pulled is that the new tablets and convertibles are now competing directly against traditional PC form factors! That is when an average user or even plenty of pro's are shopping for a new PC they have very little incentive to go with a low power desktop or even traditional notebook now that a fully capable Windows PC can be had on a touch enabled UltraBook, tablet and convertible, the latter two of which completely eradicate the need for an additional tablet such as the iPad.

And remind me again how many ($500 -$1200) Windows PC's (NoteBooks, desktop etc.) sell in a single quarter throughout the world ? Now replace a large portion of those with touch enabled, iPad obsoleting tablets and convertibles! Nearly every iPad owner has a PC/MAC and they will sure as hell be shopping for newer PC's in the future and chances are that this new PC they buy will be a touch enabled convertible or tablet running Windows 8, which will of course obsolete their iPad.

Some people will say that those tablet and convertible PC's are under-powered or much too expensive. Whilst they are certainly under-powered compared to their desktop counterparts we must not forget that the computing power offered by today's desktop PC's has LONG surpassed the needs of everyday consumers and with the advent in today's and especially upcoming mobile processor/soc technologies we can safely say that a core i5 ULV and above will meet the needs of 80%+ home PC buyers, the upcoming Haswell well even satisfy casual PC gamers. This inevitable overthrow of traditional PC form factors becomes even more certain when you consider the advent of mobile profiles and cloud storage. Whilst you could certainly attach any external drive to your docked tablet or convertible, the anywhere availability of cheap, robust cloud storage combined with fast upload speeds offered by today's broadband plans make this the most hassle free storage solution for many and now when lunging around their tablet/convertible PC everywhere they don't have to fear any data and or profile\settings loss in the event that they somehow loose their PC, which could just as well be the only one they have. Price-wise the new convertible and tablet PC's are pretty much on par with their traditional PC counterparts (Not taking performance into consideration, as stated above it's now largely irrelevant to most consumers) and should be the primary choice for new tablet PC buyers.