After using Win8 Pro RTM for close to 2 weeks, this is my opinion

I HATE IT. This is the worst piece of crap Operating System that I've ever used on any computer (including Vista).

I know I've lost all of you fanboys at this point and that was completely my intention. Good riddance to all of you. Warning: Anecdote ahead.

I got Win8 Pro RTM from my Dreamspark Premium subscription. I've got to say.. I was pretty excited for it initially. I installed it as my primary OS, upgrading from the copy of Win7 Home Premium that came with my computer. I'm using a year-old HP dv6 laptop which is my primary machine btw.

I'll start off with the cons because they're the overwhelming majority:

I initially thought that Win8 was going to be compatible with a lot of Windows 7 drivers since there isn't much changed apart from the inclusion of that POS start screen. I didn't care much for it anyway since I knew I could continue using my laptop as it was under Win7 without ever having to deal with the Metro side. This was, for the most part, true. Coming back to driver compatibility, guess what.. Win8 is not compatible with Win7 drivers. My laptop has an ATI card and the win7 drivers don't work for it. As a result there's no way to switch between it and the integrated Intel solution. As a result, the ATI card is always on, and my laptop is always overheating and the fan is on at full blast all the time. This will decrease the life time of the laptop.

The Windows Defender service constantly runs whenever my laptop is left idle. This should be good except that this service takes up 30-50% of my CPU and as a result, whenever I leave my laptop idle, it overheats and the fans are on full blast. Besides being unhealthy for the laptop, this is very loud and annoying.

The charms bar is annoying at least. Granted I almost never use it, but it's constantly popping up when I move my cursor to the corner and on the desktop it's useless anyway since you can't share anything from there. There should be a way to turn this off.

The default programs thing always pops up and for photos, there's an app called "Photos" which is a POS metro app. I just want to use the built-in Windows Photo Viewer app. It's very confusing at first which apps are Metro and which are traditional. Win8 asks you upon opening photos for the first time which app you would like to use. I initially selected the "Photos" app, which I was not aware was a metro app. So I had to go into Default programs and set defaults to the "Windows Photo Viewer" app again. It's annoying at least. There should be some kind of indication of what apps are traditional and which ones are "Windows 8 Style" (which is a very ambiguous term imo.)

You know what happened when a version of Windows introduced driver compatibility problems with the previous version? Vista happened. This time, add that along with tons of visual differences and an un-intuitive UI and it seems clear that MS is headed for "Vista x10". Everything on this laptop from the Graphics Card, the fingerprint reader and the trackpad, everything is broken. I can't imagine how this is a good thing.

Also, HP has refused to provide Win8 drivers for this laptop even though it's just a year old. This is just BS at this point. What does this have to do with MS? Everything. Windows is an ecosystem of MS, the OEMs, the devs and the users. If the OEMs or devs or MS don't deliver, users will not have a good experience and this won't be good for anyone involved.

The Pros of Win8 imo are:

Very fast boot up times.. This thing boots up faster than my tablet and that's extremely good. That's the one redeeming factor for Win8 for me.

The fact that I can just right click in the lower left corner and get to many features is a very very nice addition for power users. I find myself using this all the time and love it.

Final Thoughts:

So, that's it. Right now, I'm thinking of wating until Oct 26th + a week or so for the situation with drivers and stuff to improve. If they don't I'm just going back to Win7. I upgraded so I still have Windows.old and everything in it. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I'm definitely discouraging all my friends and family from getting Win8. Since I'm the go-to person for tech stuff in all my circles, I imagine that will be a lot of sales lost.

I've always been neutral to most tech. That's the reason I installed Win8 as my primary. I was even first to install Vista, and 7 way back then before their respective release dates. Running the Betas and everything in the case of 7 and 8. 7 was always a pleasant experience and I always loved it. With 8, once a bad experience is burned into someone's mind, it's tough to reverse it. I'm very sure at this point that win8 is headed for disaster. If not for anything else, I imagine I'll be ridiculed for running Win8 since I'm sure it'll be "uncool" a month from now, same thing as what happened with Vista. But I dont care about that. I just want my problems fixed. I imagine these kind of problems are going to be quite common and unless fixed, win8 will be MS' undoing in all markets.