First impression of the Note 2.


I've used an iPhone 4 for the last two years and I also own an iPad 2 so I'm quite invested in the Apple universe. The iPhone 4 was a great phone and I used it daily for podcasts, YouTube and RSS-feeds. Last few months I've gotten bored with it and tough it still do the things it did when I got it it's not as great anymore. The battery has gotten bad, really bad and the Podcaster app from Apple is just atrocious. Since I mostly listen to Podcasts I wanted a new phone. After waiting for the Apple event and being very dissapointed in what the new iPhone 5 had to deliver I set my mind on an Android, after fluxing between the Galaxy S3, the Note 2 or the unannounced new Nexus I choose the Note 2.

First impression:

I went to a store and got to play around with the demo phone altough at that point I had already decided I wanted it. The most obvious thing about the Note 2 is the size and notting explains it better than the "oh my god" my wife exclaimed when I pulled it out... No sexual puns intended. Yes it's a large phone but not too large. It still fits in my pocket but I have to point out that I rarely wear jeans.

I've used it for 5 days now and as an ex-iPhone user I'm still getting used to Android but so far I like it. Yes widgets are cool but most of them are rather pointless. I might not understand the full use of them yet so no flaming please (but tips are helpful). Some are cool like having the weather as an image but I might as well just look out the window to see what weather it is.

Jelly Bean:

It runs Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and since I haven't used any previous itterations I can't compare it to any of those but it's fast and snappy. I have no problem compareing it to the smoothness of my iPhone 4 when I got it. It takes a while to get used to finding all settings in Android but every day I'm making this phone more and more my own.


The battery is very large and very powerful. After a 12 hour shift at work while constantly listening to podcasts (downloaded, not streaming), surfing, YouTube and RSS-news I have around 50-60% battery left whereas my iPhone would be long dead.

S Pen:

l actually like the S Pen. At first l thought it was a gimmic but it's really precise and useful. The handwriting recognition is out of this world and it can be quite useful. Haven't used it much but I can see the the potential.


The worst part of a Note 2 is that it's really large. Coincedentally the best part of the Note 2 is that's it's a really large. If you find a way to lugg this big thing around it's a wonderful phone to use. Especially watching movies or YouTube in bed. Playing games or reading news is also great on this large screen. At times it's almost cumbersome to take it out of the pocket if you have a message conversation while trying to work but I have preordered a Pebble and I will get, no matter the cost, Google Glass (yes, I'm a geek) so that problem will fix itself in time. It's not a big problem most of the time anyway since I can't spend all time at work sending messages. I don't like S Voice since it's only in English but in time I guess we will be able to use Google Now to respond to messages.

In the review here on The Verge Vlad pointed out that it's a 2 hand phone (he called it a tablet) and definitely is. But it's so thin that when you hold it or have it in your pocket its not bulky or in the way, even for me who has a very physical job as an assembler.

It's a wounderful phone and if you need a big phone I can't recommend it enough. If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I'll answer them if I can. l know l haven't covered much but this is just a short thing I wanted to post.

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Oh and if there are any spelling or grammatical errors I blame the fact that I have just finished a 64 hour work week with a cold and a fever...