Come January & we will see a Final Nail in the Coffin of..

Sorry for my Poor English, since its my second language & Yeah I am talking about Nokia.

Nokia's pre-order pricing's are suicidal. I just want to know What do you guys here think, is Nokia thinking?

If putting all the eggs in one basket was not enough, Nokia loves to go deeper and deeper into shit.

Let's look at it this way:

1. First, Lumia 920 is exclusive on AT&T in US. This literally means it is going to lose thousands and thousands of users who are on Verizon. Looking at AT&T store employees careless attitude towards Lumia 900 in particular and WP in general, I am pretty sure Lumia 920 is not even going to get the amount of sales Lumia 900 has got!

2. Exclusivity is being defended everywhere by saying, Nokia has been able to rope in China Mobile: How does this mean anything for anyone?

Most of the Chinese would like to buy only cheap stuff and I don't think this kind of carrier thing ever works in China.

3. Nokia Counts India, Russia and Brazil as their major market: Now this is the most important point I want to discuss. Its true that Russia is still a huge market for Nokia. Heck, Symbian's market share in Russia is still around 10%.

Nokia with all their advanced N Series Symbian phones, had an unbeatable market share in India, but that was 3 years ago.

But, now with MS coming together with Nokia, the situation is totally different. Nokia looks to have got lots and lots of free money for advertising and surviving. It seems to have forgotten all the basic things which once made it successful in Indian Market. The only thing Nokia seems to be doing right with WP is tons and tons of advertising. Advertising it at every store, every single wall at railway stations, every prime time TV ad etc.

But it seems to be forgetting a basic fact that, that it is the price factor & minor features like Bluetooth file sharing, Memory card etc, which mainly determine the sales in these countries. The Lumia 900 is priced at Rs 34,000 in India and Galaxy S3 sells for Rs 32,000. Now this pretty well explains, why Nokia has been unable to sell even 1000 Lumia 900 phones in India!

Samsung has been able to change the market dynamics completely. Many of the past Nokia Priority showrooms have now been converted into Samsung Smartphone Café's and Nokia is literally nowhere.

In this scenario, Nokia is foolishly pricing L920 so high that, I am sure no one would even bother to check it out. A Nokia phone for Rs 50,000 would be the biggest joke ever!

I operate a Mobile Phone store in India & Unless the price drops to around 25k - 30k, I dont see Nokia going anywhere!

What do people here think about all the pricing News of L920? Does it look overpriced in their respective countries? I know the official pricing of L920 by Nokia India is not yet out, but looking at all the pricing information available, anything in the range of Rs 45,000 to Rs 50,000 will make sure, its Game over for Nokia in India at least!