S3 vs HTC One X+ vs LG Nexus on AT&T?

I want to get one of these phones soon, but I'm debating which one to get. I have an iPhone 4 right now, but my next phone is going to be an Android.

The S3 Pros: Removable Battery, External Microsd card support, big screen, 2GB Ram

Cons: S4 dual core processor only, pentile screen which isn't that great in sunlight, and getting a bit outdated

HOX+ Pros: more internal storage, quad core tegra processor, better screen, and better camera

Cons: no removable storage or battery, might be delayed with android updates and harder to root

LG Nexus Pros: It's a nexus, clean google experience, and good quality specs

Cons: No removable storage or battery, might not have LTE, and would have to pay full price for unlocked vs $200 for the other two.