Why the stock cloud picture sync experience on Android is completely broken

Does anyone else find it mind boggling why you can't seem to find a seamless way to back up your photos on Android?

Google has three services to manage photos in the cloud, Google Drive, Picasa and Google+ with the latter two being somewhat connected.

What I find irritating is that the "Instant Upload" feature uploads all my pictures to a Google+/Picasa album instead of Google Drive, I would like there to be a seamless system where once a picture is uploaded to a Picasa web album, it automatically gets transferred to a Picasa folder in Google Drive as well, so that on my desktop, the picture is automatically available in the Drive folder (exactly how Dropbox and iCloud do it).

BUT my biggest gripe is that once a picture is uploaded to a Picasa web album through instant upload, it makes a new folder in your gallery app with the same photo, making it visually redundant. It just gets on my nerve to see the same picture in two places in the Gallery app. I WANT the gallery to sync over my other albums, so I can't even turn off Photo Sync.

Here's where Dropbox would be the perfect solution, but I just want Google to fix it all up and tie its respective services together. I prefer subscribing to just one cloud service and keeping it simple and as I'm already tied to Google Drive because of the document editing experience, I would like Google to just make sense of their many services and just integrate them somehow. Till then, I'll keep grimacing whenever I go into the Gallery app on my GNex.