Apple doesn't INNOVATE anymore……Yea Sure

All I hear is apple isn't innovating, the lost there sense of innovation, when will they innovate again. Apple innovate all the time and they don't just bring out new technologies until its a proven strategy. That's what technology is in my opinion, a strategy to make my life easier.

Here are the things apple innovated in:

iOS: it's powers iPads, iPhones, IPod Touches, and from what I hear Apple TV (don't know if its true or not). iOS one of the most popular mobile os's that's so easy to figure out that a 2 year old can figure out. It isn't really that much of a learning curve. When it was 1st showed off on a iPhone people minds blown. It work the way it was advertised. People,say its getting boring but what do they want on it. Widgets (completely overrated), customization (only nerds care about that). Don't get me wrong ios can make better ways of doing things but people want a massive overhaul and that's just not realistic.

Mac's: those computers came a long way especially in the notebook line. They way they engineered the macbook line is incredible. With the MacBook Air and especially the Retina MacBook Pro. I haven't seen a laptop with the resolution of the retina MacBook.

iPod: I remember the MP3 players before the iPod and they were atrocious. Even the MP3 players that came out during iPod were bad as well. I like the way the iPod use the wheel to scroll through music and change the volume. I had a creative zen that was my 1st MP3 player and it sucked. It broke on me 2 different times on 2 different models. But that's not what bothered me, it was the customer support that made me upset, I had to go through hoops to get that thing fixed and it never did get fixed it just went and got another creative zen. After that one brokeI just gave up and got the iPod touch. Which was very durable and when the times it didn't work I took it to the apple store and was replaced within 5 minutes and free of charge. The iPod Nano was just redisgned and people are complaining, but what's funny is that these are the same people that fuss about apple never changing anything

Apple Stores: Pretty much one of the only retail stores that's doing well. It's pretty obvious if you go into one because its busy non stop. Each store is very unique, especially now. They doing so well that pretty much everyone is trying to copy it but aren't reall succeeding. People go in to purchase, play with products, great tech support, and a great buying experience. There's no line when purchasing stuff, all the employees have a POS in there hand when you are ready to check out. And if you have a iPhone you can use the apple store app to purchase whatever and go on your merry way

All those things are innovation. Innovation can be visible and sometimes it's not visible. People think innovation is a check mark on a spec sheet. They don't adopt technology just because there competitors are & it's not certain if its a great solution to a problem or a non-existing one. To me innovation is making what I do easier and more pleasant in my everyday life. Innovation is all around us, especially the this we take for granted.

So I'm asking is what's innovation to you.