TouchWiz (and other skin) Hate

Why do people have such an outstanding amount of animosity for TouchWiz, Sense, etc?

Every Android phone I've had (besides the G1) has had a skin on it. The Evo 4G, the Galaxy S 2, and now the Galaxy S 3. On those phones, I always ended up coming back to the skinned experience.

Now honestly, it might be because 3rd party AOSP roms weren't as stable as the ROM that came with the phones. But regardless, I never went back to a skinned ROM and thought "man this is so ugly". It's just different. I haven't used Sense 4.0 or the new Sony UI extensively, but in the few minutes playing with them in stores, they look really attractive.

Personally, I find the new version of TouchWiz on the GS3 to add many positives to the Android experience. Here are some things I think Samsung innovated / does better than stock android:

1) The lockscreen - I think that the customizable application shortcuts are a really nice touch.

2) Contacts - being able to swipe left/right on a contacts name to call/message them is really convenient, and I always find myself trying to do it when I'm not on a TouchWiz rom.

3) Motion Features - some of them are gimmicky (smart stay, etc). But the ones I *really* enjoy are

-When typing/reading a text, simply raising your phone to your ear dials the person

-Flip the phone over for silence when it rings

4) Notification toggles in the notification shade - self explanatory

5) Built in apps - this one is mind blowing to me. Android doesn't come with a text editor/memo pad. The clock/alarm app doesn't have a world clock, stopwatch, nor a timer. And I'm pretty sure it doesn't come with a voice recording app either. Also, no built in file manager. TouchWiz fixes all of this.

I realize that numbers 1 and 5 can be fixed via the play store, but I don't think they should have to be. I consider having things like a stopwatch and timer basic functionality that should already be there.

In the end, I would still prefer to have a Nexus... But being on Sprint, the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus came way too late for them to be a viable option for me to purchase.