How Google's Stock UI could change for the better


After spending time with Stock ICS for about 7 months, I quicky grew bored of the Tron like colors. Light blue here, light blue there, light blue. . . . everywhere. Then I saw the UI of Google now, and how with Jelly Bean, they turned some of the "Light Blue" into a clean white. I actually find the Google Now UI a step in the right direction, add a little HOLO to it and we could have a completely revamped user friendly UI. The thing about iOS that consumers still love would be the simplistic yet homey feeling that iOS gives you. Google, though they have simplified the UI, it still seems a little to techy.

Today I did a little experimenting with Nova Launcher. Under the Nova setting it allows you to set a theme color. I choose Red, and it looks amazing. Google could even let the consumer chose the color theme of the UI instead of forcing it on the consumers. The again the more settings you add the longer updates take and the more complex the OS becomes.

Just a thought.