I think I know now why the next NEXUS is rumored to have wireless charging.

When I first heard about the wireless charging in the Nokia Lumia phones, I was skeptical only because I knew wireless charging products appeared a while ago and mainly had mixed (low) reviews. Well, I just thought what if this feature was enhanced using NFC in Nokia phones. After a quick research it appeared that it does indeed uses NFC to trigger the charger.

"It appears Nokia’s Wireless Charging Stand is not just a dumb wireless charger, but also comes with a NFC tag which will launch an app you specify automatically when you place it there." from http://wmpoweruser.com/nokias-wireless-charging-stand-is-nfc-enabled/

And a company called Powermat is investing heavily on wireless charging products, it appeared they actually use NFC chips to support non-NFC phones. Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yrNT3cFR3dQ

I'm thinking it's very possible that Google thought we were the first to introduce features based on NFC in smartphones. Why not this piece of cake?

Anyone agrees?