Sony NEX-C3

So I had no intentions of buying a new camera however the Ritz camera store in my area was closing down and I walked in today and found a brand new Sony NEX C3 for 299$ with a 18mm-55m lens and I instinctively bought one with out much research since it was the last one and just last week the same camera was 450$.

With that said, this is my first camera with interchangeable lenses. I was previously using a Sony HX100v Super Zoom camera and was actually well pleased with it however have always wanted a mirrorless camera before I graduated up to a full DSLR.

I have taken a full shots with it today and I am impressed. However my favorite kind of photos are close macro shots and it seems my old camera was better at macro shots that this one. So I plan on buying a Macro lens for the C3 as my next lens.

With all that said, for those that own this camera:

1. Whats your impressions of it after some use?

2. Whats the best accessory to buy for it?

3. Any tips/tricks you can offer to a noob like myself

4. and finally, with the C3 being over a year old, did I get ripped off paying 300$ for it? Its hard to compare online because its not being sold.