Firsts: Videogame edition


Which game got you into gaming?
Was it a recommendation? Was it something you saw in a commercial or that you saw someone else playing??

For me it was Sonic 2 on the Geneisis. I had seen Mario and disliked it since it was so slow and looked kinda boring compared to books (I was a bit of a bookworm growing up and to an extent still am) I eventually grew to warm up to Mario, but he still couldn't compete with Sonic in terms of coolness.Then the marketing blitzkrieg started (two simultaneous TV shows, toys, games, food, books, comics, kids meals at fast food joints etc) and the deal was sealed.

I was all about Sonic and now that I had a Genesis I need more games to play to make the investment worth it. Not that it was my money, since my parents bought it, but my reasoning was that it is like a toy that could be upgraded forever by getting new cartridges. It was mind blowing to be honest. The only thing to compare were Legos, but even those paled in comparison to basically controlling a cartoon character.