Slump in the Market, or "Is Mobile Hardware Just That Good?"

I bought my first Android (Captivate) almost 2 years ago for $50. It was a top of the line 2010 phone. Then the dual-cores took over, and now the LTE quad-cores are all the rage with their 4.7" gigundo screens.

I feel like the difference between 2010-2011 was only about dual-core processors. Sure, we had >4" screens, but they were all the same resolution. The 2011-2012 difference seems more drastic: 8MP+ cameras, LTE, 28nm processors, etc..

That said, now that everyone has, or is about to have a Qualcomm S4-or-so, and Qualcomm is silent on S5+, does this mean that 2013 will be a slouch of a year like 2011 was? (The tick-tock referenced on Vergecast I believe..) Now, I understand NVidia's Tegra roadmap (the whole of ARM v7) calls for 50x Tegra2 performance next year; but really, what would mobile OS's do with it besides faster gaming?

I suppose LTE++ will roll out around 2015 or so; Bluetooth v5 likely won't get approved until the end of 2013 (guessing). I really can't see hardware getting that outdated anytime soon. It sounds like a great time to upgrade; but I just wiped CM10 on my Captivate, after running CM9 for a few months. It's still an excellent, usable phone for non-demanding users. Am I really going to hold out for 64bit ARMv8, and Android PixyStick?