AT&T One X, AT&T One X+, or wait it out?

So I really want to ditch my 8gb iPhone 4. I was planning on getting an Android phone this winter. However, I'm in a bit of a pickle (or whatever you would call it with three choices.) I've wanted to buy the White One X on AT&T (on contract) because that $99 price point (if it still is at that) is really tempting. However, with the release of the new One X+, I'm not sure if I really need all those features, and since yes I love design, I'm not sure how much I want the black one. Is the bigger battery and faster processor really making a significant enough of a difference that I would pay double the amount for the same phone design, in a different color? Just as a detail I'd like to say that my iPhone for gets me through the day with around 30-50% depending on how much I use it.I also don't know how much the battery performance difference is on the two phones. And then comes the third option. The next nexus device (preferably not the new LG one, because from all that I've heard from leaks, it falls short to say the least. However I'm sure everyone has a slight draw towards stock Android after playing with a skinned phone for a while. I'll give you a short list of what I use my phone for in general, as that will affect my decision as well. I'd really like a good camera too, but I know that it's a smartphone, and I can't expect too much. Anyway, give me your tips, and sorry for the long essay.

tl;dr - HTC One X, One X+, or Nexus?