When will they started caring about our tablets?

Realistically google/android havent really botherd when it comes to their tablets. I currently have an asus transformer pad infinity and had it for almost 2 months, in that time i have faced several non responding apps, really bad lag and THE LACK OF APPS SUCK!! ( and majority of the ones that are availble are for phones but just inlarged for the bigger screen) And browsing is also a real downer. I know most of you will say this is asus's problem but i have used other tablets for example samsung and nexus 7 and these issues do exists maybe not as much as the infinity.

Now i am new to android and dont get me wrong i love it and really have faith that they will fix this but its things like these that get in the way of my enjoyment. And soon to be a nexus phone owner.

Sometimes i do regret buying this and wonder if windows 8 would of been the better option but at the time i couldnt be bothered waiting as the asus prime was a let down and i expected the price for win 8 tablets to be over $1000 over here in Australia.

So what i am asking is what is your opinion on this and do you reckon they will ever fix this? Or at least encourage more devs to make their apps tablet quality?