Microsoft Surface: a certain flop?

I've been talking to a few people about the Surface and gouging for their reactions towards the device. So far, some of the people I talk to are critical of the device, mainly due to the changes made to Windows 8, like the lack of start button, and a touch-orientated UI. They think the Surface is going to be a flop.

I'm an Android user, but I'm actually quite excited with the launch of Windows 8, and the Surface in particular. This will this see a big increase in competition in the tablet and phone markets, and I hope the iPad will have a formidable challenger in the Surface. With Microsoft to roll out an $1.5--1.8BN ad blitz for its products, awareness of W8 products will increase. The Surface is beautiful, innovative, colourful, and an iPad can be plugged into it! I really don't see why people think it is going to go down