Apps. Do you really need them? What you really need is a...

...good browser.

I am reading about Win RT and it is always: "there is no apps...". But when do we need apps? When we have a shitty browser (like safari for iOS). Maybe it is an oversimplification, but...

Good facebook app? What for if you have a real browser and FB integrated with your system?

You can access basically all the functionality you need from the browser, instead of running an app to do the job. No need for an app to check weather, twitter, public transit, listen to the radio or any other service - you can just have a bookmark for all the stuff you need in your browser.

Of course you can say that web is not optimized for touch. Yes. For now.

What are your thoughts? Ar apps really all what you need?

PS: Ecosystem =/= apps (for TheVerge editors).